Why I Ride Over the past year I have also had the pleasure of attending a number of Austan’s parties, I mean spin classes, and did not hesitate to raise my hand when Coach invited some FTRxers to join her badass crew. I do a fair amount of cycling outside during training season and while it is great to enjoy the open road, nature and all of that jazz, getting insider for a rhythm ride where you can just close your eyes, focus on the music, your breath and the movement is both cathartic and energizing.
Favourite Quote Courage gives us a voice, and compassion give us an ear - Brene Brown
Favourite Food Tacos are life!
Fun Fact I am a Missionite born and raised and my children attend the same elementary school I did.

I work as a Social Worker full time during the day, a frantic mother and alright wife evening and weekends and train and compete in triathlons in between. I found FITRx while drinking wine with friends and thought heck yeah I want to be a part of that crew! And I am so glad I did.