Why I Yoga While I have many reasons of why I love yoga, I would have to say it helped me gain an understanding of myself and shedding many unnecessary layers and just overall becoming the best version of myself. This is something I strive to do daily and hope to be able to share the many teachings yoga has given me with my students.
Fun Fact I have 2 golden retriever puppies (Mojo and Cheeko). I love hiking the many beautiful trails BC has to offer, finding new recipes to try out (FitRX friendly of course) and spending time with friends and family or kicking back with some quality self care time.

I’ve been a yoga and fitness instructor for about 2 years now. Staying healthy has always been a priority of mine whether is was my physical or mental health. I used to be a consistent gym rat but later on converted to having a regular yoga practise which then led to me to sign up for my yoga teacher training in Greece! While yoga and fitness may be my passions on the other side of my life I’m currently a university student working towards a degree in dietetics (when I’m not busy working the many jobs I have or at school).