3 months ago I reached out to Austan, who I have known for over 10 years. I was changing careers and would be spending 8 hours a day on my butt instead of on my feet and I knew the change was going to affect me both physically and mentally if I didn’t find an outlet. FitRX provides that outlet.

My first round of FitRX, I didn’t fully commit. I did all of my workouts because that’s what I love to do, but I didn’t really commit to the food guide. I made better choices, but I still ate junk and missed meals so I didn’t see the results that I knew I should.

Fast forward to my second round, and I put my foot down. I told my husband that I needed his support, and told my live-in chef (aka Father-In-Law) that I was on a strict plan and I would prepare my own meals. To my surprise, he jumped on board for me and started to experiment with new foods and it’s been amazing!

By fully committing to the program for just 6 weeks, my body has transformed. Until you make the conscious effort to fuel your body with the right foods, you don’t really understand the effect that the wrong foods have on your body. In my before and after photos, I see all of the bloating and inflammation (that I didn’t even know I had) is gone.

Even if you can’t join the local workouts, the Facebook group connects you with all of the other ladies who are going through the same program and having the same struggles as you. The motivation and support that everyone provides each other is unparalleled.

Without FitRX, I’d still be spending thousands of dollars on personal trainers and not seeing results like I am with the help of Austan.