At Studio FITRx, we don't just spin; we RIDE! Ride Rx is the ultimate cardio conditioning class guaranteed to put those pedals to the metal!

RIDE Rx is a rhythm based ride using music beats to move our feet while lifting our spirits, minds and hearts! We ride in a dark space so you can lose yourself in the music and focus on your ride. Just you, your bike and the beat.

Ride Rx is open to all levels! We welcome the beginner rider to the cycling enthusiast. We encourage riders to go at your own pace and do what feels right. We offer a safe, inclusive and empowering space to allow riders to push their limits and discover their best selves.

SWEAT Rx Circuit

Join us for our new co-ed total body condition circuit: SWEAT Rx! SWEAT uses a variety of functional exercises designed to challenge your strength, cardio, core and more resulting in the ultimate total body workout! Bring your towel and get ready to SWEAT!

Sweat Rx is open to all levels. We offer a ``do you`` policy in all of our classes and offer opportunities to modify or amplify your workout to suit your needs.


Introducing our RIDE hybrid classes, the perfect pairing of an express RIDE with another awesome class style!

RIDE & FLEX: Ride with straight up strength training

RIDE & CORE: Ride with core/stretch

RIDE & RESTORE: Ride with deep stretch


High intensity interval training combines body weight cardiovascular exercises with strength, conditioning and core work for a total body blast! Low impact options provided to welcome al levels. **HIIT & FLOW combines half of a HIIT class with a slow FLOW to stretch it out.


Join our functional fitness class designed with seniors in mind led by nurse/fitness leader Crystal Q. Enjoy a variety of low impact exercises focused on building muscle strength, improving posture, bone density, increasing cardiovascular health and mobility. Modifications are available for individual needs. This class is go at your own pace so come as you are and do your best.


Fusion Flow combines the lengthening of yoga with the strengthening of Pilates for the ultimate in fitness fusion


Studio FITRx is proud to offer a variety of yoga/mobility classes to help release tension, breath, flow and restore! Our restorative practices are offered in a WARM room (not HOT) for client comfort and improved relaxation.

MENTAL WEALTH YOGA: combine breath work, restorative postures while learning tools and techniques to take care and tend to your mental health.

FLOW & RESTORE YOGA: Warm the body with a gentle flow style class followed by longer held restorative postures to release tension improve mobility.

YIN & TONIC YOGA: Yin yoga works deeply into our body with passive, longer-held poses using supportive props for improved comfort and relaxation.

YOGA NIDRA: Yoga nidra is a blissful guided meditative practice designed to create a state of consciousness between waking and sleeping. Connect with your breath and body as you drift into bliss.

POWER FLOW: This strength based vinyasa practices is designed to connect breath and movement to build heat and strength in the body. Get strong and sweaty with this incredible workout.


Let’s get ready to RUMBLE with this total knock out workout! Rumble combines strength and conditioning, boxing bag work, core and so much more to help get you into fighting form! All levels welcome!

The MVMT (special event)

the MVMT (movement) combines the power of the elements earth, air, fire & water for a total body/mind/spirit workout.

MVMT uses the magic of music combined body weight cardio/core and calisthenic conditioning with elements of yoga and pilates to create holistic workout experience.

With MVMT, we work with EARTH for grounding, FIRE to bring heat into the body/soul, WATER to flow and let go and AIR to bring breath and life back into the body.

MVMT is done by candlelight where you can focus on your music, your breath and your body without distractions or judgement.

Purge stress, toxins and all the yuck while you move, groove and fill your cup!


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